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Adult chat on stickam

you could've enforced what you're doing in this thread in the 1st thread, y'know.

That's great and all Mal, but kicks last for just 1 hour.

Users who don't get modded making their own room for administrator powers.

This hasn't been a problem lately, but it has been a problem in the past.

Reasons why this happens: Users confuse stickam errors as a dead chat room.

This is the most common reason why new rooms get posted while the old room is still alive.

If you have to ask to be modded, you clearly aren't ready to be a stickam mod.

Another form of Webcam spam is closing and re-opening your camera.

I will try my best to make sure that dead links are deleted to avoid confusion.

We ask that, to avoid unnecessary drama, you follow some simple guidelines to make sure everyone has fun both in the room and in this thread. Room links by untrusted users, dead links or complaining about the administration of the room may result in deleted posts or BBS bans as mods see fit.

Audio Spam: loud noises coming from a user's microphone.

This includes Screaming into the mic, Echo's caused by your mic, as well as playing extremely loud music.


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