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Are whiteboy7thst and kpopp still dating

She makes many gameplay video series, such as The Sims, The Walking Dead, Dating Simulators, Facade, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, and many other games.

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Talking about his family, his father and grandmother died when he was in his high school years.It is said that he hadn't many friends in his childhood and that's why he spent much of the time playing games and watching wrestling.Even though his single-mother mother did her best to raise him, she couldn't stop him from taking drugs and selling things to support his drug habits.The two had an idea that they will pretend to poop inside the stalls, so that they could disgust the cheerleaders who were prepping up.So the two grabbed two apples (one for each) and went inside their stalls, where both of them dropped the apples into the toilet and made sounds of relief of releasing poo, which successfully disgusted the cheerleaders.Full of life, Alexander whose net worth is speculated to be in the range of to million US dollars - lives for video blogging and while doing that, he is not shy at showcasing his crazier and nerdy sides.Her next upload was in 2010, it was a gaming video, which made her a famous gamer on You Tube today.Kelly never specified what happened next, as she continued playing the game.In 2011, She met Alexander in Georgia, United States as revealed in Alex's "Draw My Life" video.Kelly is currently a You Tube partner, and has more than 500,000 subscribers.In one of their combined You Tube videos back in 2012, they have frankly spoke about their relationship, first kiss and various interesting parts of their dating life.


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