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Dropbox not updating

The important thing is that the infinite loop is gone and files are beginning to upload/download normally once again.This problem usually resolves itself after three days, so clearing the cache is rarely an absolute must.There have been times when I’ve forgotten I had that on, and wondered why a specific folder wasn’t appearing in my PC’s directories.To check this, right-click on the Dropbox icon in your task bar and select Preferences.All you really need to do is delete all the files inside the cache folder (but not the cache folder itself).

Deleting your Dropbox cache on OS X is very much like it is in Windows. Not all sync issues are caused by conflicts in the cache.This is usually a tool implemented by enterprise-level IT.Selective Sync is a feature of Dropbox that only syncs certain folders within your Dropbox account to the computer.Still, it’s good to know you can fix issues right away and get back to work should you be facing deadlines.Dropbox is one of the few collaborative sync solutions out there that works on virtually any desktop operating system out there.This problem was caused by a conflict in Dropbox’s cache.Because a file with the same basic name and properties already existed, Dropbox wasn’t able to create the new file on our end.Should that fail to work, rebooting your computer would be a reasonable next step.If you’re still experiencing issues, you may want to investigate further to see if the ports Dropbox is using are in conflict with other applications and/or systems on your network.Your Dropbox cache will probably begin filling right back up the moment you empty it out.That’s perfectly fine, especially if you’re downloading files which have been suddenly made available to you after clearing up whatever was clogging the tubes.


  1. May 31, 2012. This folder holds gigabytes of miscellaneous data collected during file downloads and sync processes in a series of smaller files with crazy alphanumeric names. This folder should reset itself every three days, though in cases where your Dropbox application is experiencing a conflict, you may not want to.

  2. If you've verified that the files in question are not displaying one of the sync icons described above, move on to step 3. Verify that you're a member of all shared folders. If the files that aren't syncing with another user are in a shared folder, verify that you're a member of the folder. Fix If you think you may be missing a shared.

  3. May 22, 2017. Dropbox Not Syncing – How To Fix. Sometimes, Dropbox doesn't sync properly which is apparently a common complaint with the cloud storage service. Despite being one of the more accomplished offerings out there, it does have the occasional glitch. One of which is when it just won't sync up with the.

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