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After what happened last week, finally that photograph doesn't matter to me anymore.

I never expected that to happen." An extensive search involving SAR teams and the National Coastguard helicopter took place last night for a man who had disappeared inside a glacier cave in Höfsjökull in the central highlands.

She is topless in the photograph, a photograph which was once used to shame her and caused her a lot of pain and discomfort which led to depression.

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Note that the spas in and around Reykjavik generally do not allow nudity. Because of this, nudists in Iceland often select a remote location for naturist activities ​or rent swimming areas/pools after hours. There are many public places to swim or take a relaxing dip in Iceland. Before you dive in, you must wash off naked in the changing room showers, which are sometimes not private.

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"Those who posted up my photograph have no power over me anymore because my body belongs to me," wrote eighteen year old Hrafnhildur Lára Ingvarsdóttir in a caption to a photograph which she shared on Twitter last week in the #Free The Nipple revolution in Iceland.

Ingvarsdóttir says that the distribution of the photograph started to seriously affect her life and that wherever she went, she started to worry about whether people had seen a photo of her breasts. It's a different story when someone else takes that decision out of your hands." She adds that it was both liberating and empowering to tweet the photo and she's happy that bare breasts are no longer such a taboo following last weeks events.

However, when she heard about the #Free The Nipple cause on Twitter she started to think, "What would happen if I post the photo up myself? "My body belongs to me and noone can change that." she says.


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