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Before his first week was out, he was thinking about Evelyn all the time.By the time he came back on Monday for the beginning of his second week, he was busting at the seams.He wanted it inside Evelyn, but didn't think she would let him.She made sure she wore her short skirt that monday.He didn't know the whole story when he looked over at her, and then down at her legs, but she made sure he did. He gulped, eyes widened as he continued his work, packing stuff for shipment. It seemed like hours to him before he saw her again.She walked over to him, casually putting something back, and teased him, "I bet your mom doesn't wear short skirts like this! Actually, he felt her hand on his lower back before he saw her.

" He squatted to lay her on the wood floor as rope after rope of hot, fertile, seventeen-year-old cum shot far and wide into her salivating, ecstatic pussy.He had even refrained from masturbation over the weekend because he so enjoyed this feeling of total animal lust.He knew there was a chance that his next load would go to a better place than the bathroom floor.She tried not to make it too-too obvious during Kenny's first days that she was interested in him.., well.., more than just interested. He didn't realize that she was determined to have him, though, and there was no way that he could have known, at that point, that she was not only poised to seduce him, but that she wanted him as her son, too.She was hell-bent on taking this young man as her own. The only overatures she made in Kenny's first few days was her totally sexy wiggle as she walked away from him. Maybe there really is such a thing as fate, because un-beknownst to even himself, Kenny sorely needed a Mom who could show him what love really was.Before she knew it, standing before him like an angel was the 6 foot, 180 pound young man that would be all the family she would ever need.She kissed the face of his cock as soon as she saw it, and her caress told him that she would be a loving mother to it, as well as him.Even if Evelyn's husband had come in at that time, Kenny would not have stopped hugging her.Crying, Evelyn said, "I need you." "I need you too." he responded, being volcanically turned on by the fact that she was not only old enough to be his mother, but married too. " she asked, looking up at him with smiling but still-tearful eyes.Something in him recognized part of what was going on, though, because every time Evelyn purposely came really near him, he got a hard-on.After watching her butt for a week or so, he had a hard-on just thinking about her.


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