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Panel interview intimidating

Since the structure of a panel interview may be more intimidating to a candidate than a one-on-one interview, this can be a useful way of determining how candidates fare under pressure.The session should not turn into an aggressive or hostile grilling, however.

It is critical that each panel member be able to attend all of the interview sessions, so that the process is fair and equal.

One of the most important aspects of preparing for a panel interview is to clarify the role of each panel participant.

Appoint a "chairperson" to lead the panel interview.

Meet with panel participants and develop a list of standard questions—this will provide a structure for the interviews and help to ensure that they flow smoothly.listing the core qualifications, experience and aptitudes that the successful applicant will need.

Request input from other panel members when you draft these documents, so that everyone is clear about what your business is trying to achieve by recruiting for this role.


  1. Though the panel interview can be intimidating, by following these tips you’ll be able to ace it.

  2. Gartner Interview Questions. Updated. will be a panel interview. It sounds much more intimidating than. aside for the panel interview which is basically a.

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