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Rwandese sex

For if a taxi moto lad decides to cheat on you with multiple women, getting this truth out beyond reasonable doubt is likely to be a tag of war.

If a moto guy chose to ferry his other women to a secret rendezvous all day long, no eye witnesses would be at hand to alert you of his wayward skirt-chasing behaviour.

It is the reason male journalists who are dating, or have ever dated a woman, will feel inclined to write about really personal stuff, while female scribes in a relationship, or that have dated in the past, may vent about foul breath and other bodily odors that stink like an old tortoise's fart.

Journalists also love their drink, and by drink I do not mean things like soda and ikinyomoro and ikivuguto and agashya and water and coffee and tea because who says that those are journalists' drinks?

Taxi moto members: The good thing with dating a taxi moto guy is that you will never again be in want or in need of coins as they tend to have these in plenty.

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Date a tour guide from Rwanda, or from any part of the African continent for that matter, and chances are that you will have to up your 'American accent', because most tour people in Africa like to speak that way, and for obvious, though not necessary reasons. Well, if you insist on dating one, consider enrolling for martial arts classes before you go down this route as you are sure to meet a few guys whose teeth you'll be tempted to kick in. Birds sing primarily for two known reasons; to attract the opposite sex, and to mark territory.

On a more positive note, dating a cop (male or female) brings with it a certain feel-good-factor that is generally associated with dating people in uniformed professions.

Soldiers: Good soldiers are known for their unflinching courage, patriotism and adherence to a humanitarian/national cause.

Doctors: Doctors are arguably the best people you can date.

It's pretty clear that when you fall sick at some ungodly hour in the night, they will be there to determine the problem and act accordingly.


  1. Oct 3, 2017. Women in Rwanda are not just American height, they are beautiful. In fact Eritrea and Ethiopia know this. Sometimes, they stare at her from the far North East ukipenda " kwa ubariiiii". Men from East Africa have almost fully embraced East Africa community, thanks to the beauty here! Well slay queens ought.

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