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Also, tour operators do not talk of banks but forex bureaus, perhaps because the forex bureau espouses more 'dollars' and 'pounds' than 'Rwandan Francs', which belong in the bank.Date a tour guide from Rwanda, or from any part of the African continent for that matter, and chances are that you will have to up your 'American accent', because most tour people in Africa like to speak that way, and for obvious, though not necessary reasons. Well, if you insist on dating one, consider enrolling for martial arts classes before you go down this route as you are sure to meet a few guys whose teeth you'll be tempted to kick in. Birds sing primarily for two known reasons; to attract the opposite sex, and to mark territory.

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While beer and liquor are general stock-in-trade for hardened journalists, especially those that cover the less serious society bits of the news chain, this is not to expressly suggest that journos are happy spending the bigger part of their usually modest pay on liquid intoxicants.The only thing that now needs to be done is to uproot the factory from Nairobi, Kenya where it's presently located (or is it 'mis-located'? If you are a man planning on dating an accountant, be prepared to make a full disclosure of all your income, down to the last coin, and that includes even the monetary dregs that you will have marshaled from your other side-hustles.This will be very vital to facilitate forward planning by your accountant girlfriend/wife.The other reason they insist on treating journalists to booze fests is because they know full well that most journalists will not turn up for those biscuits and salamis and samosas and tea and coffee events in hotel board rooms when there is a beer event the other side of town.Tour operators/guides: These ones are like journalists in as far as the laissez fair approach to life and the wander lust and the love for freebies and also the penchant for tattered t-shirts and faded jeans is concerned.If anything, we journalists only tend to buy our own booze and food when we absolutely must.Otherwise, corporate news sources usually furnish us with enough stockpiles of drinks in the hope that this will translate into favourable reviews for their companies/products, which it usually does not.So learn a few songs or at least a few lines from some fine patriotic songs to fire up the warrior in him.Perfect your lines gradually and come up with something like this, just for him: Let us be like a soldier And defend our area Because our enemies are coming With their guns and ammunition Don't fear them my soldier boy 'Cos together's when we're strong.For if a taxi moto lad decides to cheat on you with multiple women, getting this truth out beyond reasonable doubt is likely to be a tag of war.If a moto guy chose to ferry his other women to a secret rendezvous all day long, no eye witnesses would be at hand to alert you of his wayward skirt-chasing behaviour.


  1. The mass rapes were carried out by the Interahamwe militia and members of the Hutu civilian population, both male and females, the Rwandan military, and the Rwandan Presidential Guard. The sexual violence was directed at the national and local levels by political and military leaders in the furtherance of their goal, the.

  2. Oct 3, 2017. Women in Rwanda are not just American height, they are beautiful. In fact Eritrea and Ethiopia know this. Sometimes, they stare at her from the far North East ukipenda " kwa ubariiiii". Men from East Africa have almost fully embraced East Africa community, thanks to the beauty here! Well slay queens ought.

  3. Labia Elongation in Rwanda. Maybe a culture shock to you, but to them. Orijin Culture explores the culture of Gukuna Imishino African Sex Culture.

  4. Mar 19, 2017. Late every Friday night listeners in Kigali call Vestine Dusabe on Flash FM hoping that she will find a solution for their sexual concerns. Calls and text messages come from the rest of Rwanda, too. Between midnight and 2.00am they all tune in to listen.

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