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No sign of how or why she got out but she was gone.She had never left our fenced yard in the seven years we've had her until now.Over 100 posters were posted and and 4 days of 12 hour searching was done.

Right after we dropped a flyer off at our neighbor (2 doors down) he saw her in a tree, came and honked and asked if we were still missing a cat.I felt that paying 0 to let 450 of my neighbors know about my search was well worth it.I had already put flyers up everywhere, but I wasn't sure that anyone was actually seeing them.My mom and I had gone into town for some things and my dad and him trudged through a bit of brambles and coaxed her down.She'd been gone since Dec 11th so my logical thought on her return were slim, but everything worked out in the end. She was there when they fed that morning but was gone that evening.he said yes , yesterday one street below the one where the lady had seen her. Not long after that I got a call from another lady on the street where the man had seen her, telling me that she had my dog.She had seen my post on craig's list and called me. I am so grateful to all of those who care ,and pray, and to those who provide a community service like this. I hope I never need to ask for assistance in a situation such as this, but if I do (heaven forbid) I shall turn to them again as they were very helpful in trying to assist me! 🙏🏻❤️ Patrishnotices and it just so happened that while my one neighbors were out walking their dog they saw my precious kitty.They tried to get her but she was too scared but they had my number from the flyer and called me right away. I didn't pay for the extra stuff because I was already calling vets and the 2 shelters in our area so I felt no need of that and the prices were a smidge out my range for what I wanted to do. Thank youcall from a woman down the street who received one of the robocalls.A special thank you to them, to "My Lost Pet Alert", and to everyone for your support, prayers, and help in finding Co Co. We searched, talked to neighbors, visited the Hawaiian Humane Society, put up posters.I refused to lose hope, and eventually posted an ad on our Oahu Craigslist for Lost and Found Pets.


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