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One said: "Strictly speaking players can wear any colour undergarments they like but it has always been a Wimbledon convention to wear white - especially for the ladies.

"Some of the old hands at the club wanted to have a word in her coach's ear about the situation but they decided to leave it.

Then it's a surprise for after."Miss Golovin's lenient treatment contrasts with that meted out to British player Naomi Cavaday who was was ordered off court to change her skirt on Monday, during the match in which she nearly beat former Wimbledon champion Martina Hingis, At the time officials said that a logo on the garment was "too colourful" and she was asked to change after confirming to the umpire that she had a replacement.

A Wimbledon spokesman said: "The rules state that players can wear any colour underwear they like provided it is no longer than their shorts or skirt.

Sakura walked back into her room and took another glance at her mirror.

But as she grew older, puberty had been gracious on her.

At first glance, she appeared to be the image of a traditional Wimbledon player.

He has a natural ability to see the field and to pass and connect with his teammates.

He previously played for Olympic de Marseille and Arsenal before moving to his current employers.

Both his father (Abdelhafid Nasri) and mother (Ouassila Ben Said) are French nationals but the Algerian connection comes from Nasri’s grandparents migrating from there.

Beneath her pristine white tennis dress the blonde-haired French 19-year-old wore a pair of shocking red knickers. Despite the All England Club's famously strict dress code, it appears that Miss Golovin's saucy display did not break the rules because the shorts were shorter than the hem of her dress.

And everytime she jumped for a shot - or leapt into the air while serving - her crimson pants were clearly visible to anyone who cared to look. But old heads at the venerable club were shocked by what they saw.


  1. A pair of bright red knickers ensured players' clothing remained a hot topic of discussion at Wimbledon. Frenchwoman Tatiana Golovin sported the dashing.

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