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Teen interracial dating statistics poll

Occasionally one parent or relative sought clandestine relationships.

White parents who only rejected children for social reasons “naturalized the negative consequences of intermarrying rather than seeing those consequences as a product of a racist status quo that could be fought and challenged”.

Economic analyses of interracial marriage find that, for the white counterpart, there is always a cost as whites are already at the top of the american hierarchy.By associating with blacks in such an intimate way, whites would open themselves up to increased job insecurity, social and familial rejection and less legal protection including the loss of death benefits.Many parents felt pressure to disown their children in the name of status and family preservation, “with a sense of necessity rather than full conviction”.Other parents went to extreme lengths to save their child and preserve their family’s dignity.A number of white parents, with the help from law enforcement, forced their daughters to see mental health professionals.A 1958 Gallup poll found that 1% of southern whites and 5% of whites outside the south approved of interracial marriage..This idea of “blood” emanates from the enslavement of people based on race where “one drop” of black blood made you colored.In the 1950s, the vast majority of whites condemned interracial marriage and went to great lengths to make it undesirable, unwise, difficult and illegal.Blacks on the other hand had more complex and varying views on it.From the start, the journalist, Mary Haworth tells the young woman that “I doubt you are truly serious about marrying Joe”, that intermarrying “is not a contract for the young and foolish and headstrong to enter into carelessly, on the assumption that love solves everything”. ” rhetoric was widely used to discourage whites because, as the logic went, marriage is reversible but a child is a permanent bond and will oust you from the white community entirely.1950s media brought rise to the “expert” in popular culture which was used in a pseudoscience way to talk about whiteness and blackness.


  1. Jul 3, 2014. Romance is breaking down racial barriers in Britain with a sharp rise in inter-ethnic marriage and relationships in the last decade – but white people. one in 10 people living in Britain is married to or living with someone from outside their own ethnic group, the analysis from the Office for National Statistics.

  2. A 1958 Gallup poll found that 1% of southern whites and 5% of whites outside the south approved of interracial marriage.1 White families “appeared most often. Gordon gives statistics showing that 78% of the American Negro population was mixed but he does not give any statistics about what that percentage was in the.

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