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Updating bios 790 ultra motherboard

The Striker II Extreme features the typical 3-way SLI supporting triple PCI Express x16 slots, but the chipset provides only two of them with PCI Express 2.0 transfer mode.Asus decided to forgo any optional fourth x16 slot, which would have further been limited to x8 transfers, instead routing most of its PCI Express pathways to onboard devices.

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But you can verify this information for yourself at the link below.

But they are not new, they are REFURBISHED / USED motherboards. You would have also had the OPTION to purchase a 2 year extended warranty for .98, if you had purchased it from them.

e Bay states that a NEW item is one that is: " " This particular seller even states in the auction: Brand new! So for a grand total of only 7.95, you could have gotten the EXACT same motherboard, with a longer warranty, with free shipping!

If it IS New/Retail, be sure that it is a Closed, Sealed, or Never Opened Box.

If the box has been opened ( for the seller to take pictures ) be SURE that the seller tells you this in the auction.


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